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How have you used social capital? The development of social capital is fundamental and students should be given the opportunity to develop and grow their networks.


How can students develop their social capital?

What is the best way to introduced social capital into schools?

How important is social capital for young people? 

I am dedicated to researching the impact of social capital as well as the ways to best educated young people. In 2022 I completed a research project funded by Warwick University as part of the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme. This pilot study explored the factors that affect access to social capital and how students are able to use their networks.

I am now expanding the study to include schools across England to evaluate the role of social capital and the best way to support students. I am looking at the information students have access to and evaluating their current networks.

Latest Publications

A Pilot Study: Factors Affecting Access to Social Capital Among Students Aged 14-18 in England

The adage ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ shows the importance of the network that one can form through family relations, extracurricular activities or within their school. This research was completed as part of the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme at the University of Warwick. I explored the factors that affected social capital in your people and how best incorporate this into schools. 

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