Coming Up - February 2021

Whats's happening in February?


Fernando Lopez Cisneros

Fernando is a professional with over 40 years of work experience in five different countries.

He has the direction of his jobs four times during his career and has several years working in a multicultural environment.

From an Audio-Visual technician to Degree Engineer to Master Degree in Business School, Fernando continually improving his knowledge in broad themes has brought him to a prosperous professional career.

What will I learn?

  • Plan your future for yourself and your future family with antecedence.

  • Select your professional career based on what you like to do today.

  • Be prepared to re-direct your professional career during your professional life.

  • Never stop improving your professional knowledge during your career.


David Bowden

David Bowden is an educator and founder of Word Guerrilla, a company that aims to develop the confidence in people to write, stand up, speak out and feel a sense of pride in their achievements and individuality. Utilising beatboxing, live looping and multi-instrumentalism, he delivers Word Guerrilla’s brand of spoken word poetry performances and workshops to a variety of different educational settings, workplaces and events across the country. As a former primary school headteacher, he understands the importance of empowering people with language and words; through the power of words, he seeks to enable people of all ages to become inspired, to become critical thinkers and to become writers.

What will I learn?

  • Finding happiness: working towards your passions

  • Creating opportunity: using words and language that will define your reality

  • Maintaining positivity: surrounding yourself with words and language for motivation and inspiration


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