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Dr Sharon Wheatley

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Engineering and Audit


What will I learn?

  • Why study Engineering?

  • Can Audit be interesting?

  • Is risk management about difficult sums?

Dr Sharon Wheatley

After completing a BSc in Geography at UCL, Sharon worked for over 16 years for GEC, GEC-Marconi and BAE Systems in a quality assurance and compliance role. This included working as 'Chief Engineer - Processes' for the BAE Systems Product Assurance Group, providing in-house consultancy support to a wide variety of projects across the country.

On completion of a Forensic Engineering MSc module, Sharon decided to return to full-time study and was selected for a funded PhD, to study risk management implementation in Higher Education. Her industry experience in a range of different organisations combines with academic interests to provide both practical and theoretical perspectives on management approaches.

Sharon was working as a process and compliance manager in a printing factory when she joined BPP University Business School for 9 years in May 2010. She taught Corporate Governance, Operations Management, Enterprise Risk Management and supervised Business Research Projects. Sharon is currently working as a freelance lecturer.

Sharon enjoys watching many sports, but particularly athletics, and playing tennis. She supports her local theatre and likes to see fringe shows. Most of all she enjoys learning, both practical and theoretical, and hope that you will find this session interesting and enjoyable.


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