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Smriti Chandra

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Passion, Purpose, Path


What will I learn?

  • Passion - What drives you?

  • Purpose - How to align your actions?

  • Path - Your strengths, skills and expertise

Smriti Chandra

Smriti works as an International Life & Career Coach, Leadership Development Specialist, and Facilitator with 15+ years experience in India, Paris and London. She has worked with global organizations - McKinsey & Company, Computer Sciences Corporation, American Express and Business Performance Institute in learning & organization development space.

Living and working across Europe and Asia enabled her to develop agility to quickly adapt to diverse cultures. Awarded McKinsey’s most prestigious “Excellence Award” for contribution in professional development.

Trained/ coached ~300 people across Europe and Asia.

Her core values include Commitment, Passion and Enthusiasm

Her passion is to co-create meaningful life and career experiences for future leaders across generations.

Her specialization areas include:

  • Mind-Kinetics® Coaching & Leadership Development

  • Emotional Intelligence and Change Management

  • Interpersonal skills & Advanced communication


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