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Speaker Questions: Peter Bruce

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Here are Peters' top tips and answers to some of your questions!

How has your work been impacted by COVID-19, and what effect do you think it will have in the future?

have been promoting technology in Broadcast and media. The industry has been highly impacted by COVID-19 as most of the year all productions have been shut down. Meaning that side of the industry has suffered dramatically on the economic front. This sector has moved to remote production and cloud operations. Meanwhile, as the content creation side has suffered. The distribution via IP has dramatically grown. In most cases, this has just accelerated the change in the industry that was going to happen anyway. So its been a huge change to the industry.

On a personal front. Before COVID, I would attend over 10 Conferences and Exhibitions globally. Not traveling since March 2020, has been a dramatic shift to working from home and adapting to multiple video calls on a daily basis. Post COVID, I believe that travel will still happen. However, remote conferences and e-promotions will change how we work in the industry.

What has been a highlight in your career?

Working on events such as the Sydney Olympics (2000) and Lillehammer winter Olympics (1994) were my highlights. To be involved in such a huge production was an enormous Buzz.

How do you think the media industry will change over the next few years?

Costs have come down to a level that anyone can shoot on a mobile phone and set up a YouTube channel at almost no cost to start a production. The merging of Media, IP and telecom technology will allow this trend to happen faster. Additionally for major event coverage. The technologies will allow remote products to become the norm. So at big live events the production crew may not even be in the same city let alone country.

Any advice on further reading on how the media and broadcast industry is changing?

I discussed the diversity of roles within the Media and Broadcast industry. From totally creatives on one side (eg. script, actors, camera people, set design, editing etc.) to 100% technical (Software designers to system integrators and event engineers) it's hard to point at one location for further reading. But whatever sector you want to get into, for sure there is a YouTube channel or free course that you can do online. The industry will continuously evolve and anyone in media just needs to continue to keep up to date with the wealth of information on the internet.

How do you think students can best prepare for the future?

Just get out there with your camera or mobile phone and make programs. Even short V-Blogs will get you to experience the process of making videos. It will teach you to create a script, shooting techniques, editing and distribution. This is an industry in which experience is highly valued. So just do it!

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