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Here is our virtual library of all previous talks - enjoy!

Dr Simon Sneddon

  • Why study law?
  • What skills are important?
  • What can you do with a law degree?

Smriti Chandra

Passion - What drives you?
Purpose- How to align your actions
Path - Your strengths, skills and expertise

Claire Hartley&

Chris Muir 

Service Design and The Future of Education

Professor nick petford

Volcanoes in 20 minutes
  • Place - observations
  • People - hazards
  • Planets - ET Volcanoes & astronomy

Leadership - Inspire Students - Engage young people - Student's Future

Dr Paul Redmond

• How the world of work is changing
• What will the new world of work look      like?
• His 3 tips to help young people             develop employability skills, based on   his own research

Linda Lee-Davies

• Predicting technological change
• Coping with intergenerational                differences
• Ensuring inclusion and diversity

Ahrian Taylor

• The journey of a Design Graduate
• Interactive Experiences 
• The Future of Education

Desmond Felix

• My path through academica
• An ethnic minority studying          history 
• My Story

Peter Bruce

Are you considering a career in Broadcast and Media?

dr. sharon wheatley

• Why study Engineering
• Can audit be interesting
• Is risk management about           difficult sums?

dr. ROb worrall 

• Growth Mindset
• You are your Greatest Resource  
• If you want to innovate learn to      collaborate
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